A Journey Back to Self”

        Presented by Aileen Penn

My workshops are designed to provide a fun, interactive and introspective space for individuals to raise their own self-awareness. Recognise patterns, signs, synchronicities and enjoy the lightness of being when one is in balance and connected.

Through developing our abilities to listen to and better understand ourselves, we tune in to our own intuition and discover who we truly are.      The insights we gain when we connect with the self on this level is immense, leads to greater growth, expansion and fulfilment in our life. Our intuition becomes a more conscious and active part of ourselves. We sometimes need to turn down the volume of the logical mind and learn to listen to ourselves and our body.

With the tools and techniques that I have learnt along the way, we can together continue the journey of finding our true selves, thus becoming more faithful, honest and true to who we really are. Finding our own point of balance within, each ones point of balance is unique unto them self.

During the workshop we will be working as a group, individually and in pairs, utilising mandalas, visuals and music. I liken the group to a mountain and we are each standing at a particular point on that mountain. We each have a different view and perspective but we are still all on the same mountain.

No matter what situations arise in our life, there is always a gift; sometimes we need a little help to find those gifts. There are times when we feel that we don’t have any choices but sometimes we just can’t see them.

It really is a wonderful journey, be it challenging at times, often taking us out of our comfort zones. But, with a good dose of humour and taking ourselves more lightly, we can walk this path full of enthusiasm and an unwavering passion for life.

Discover yourself and be free to enjoy the lightness of your being.

These one day workshops run from 10am – 4pm with registration from 9.30am  



Aileen inspires you to be inspirational

“Back on Track” – Talks

Presented by Aileen Penn

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are off ’track’? Like you don’t know where you’re going anymore?  Your body is protesting, you get stuck in your work or relationships with people, etc. It’s time to get back on track! With her enormous life energy Aileen shows you how she  gets back on track in her daily life. She talks about her insights, observations and experiences of her full and eventful life. We sometimes need to be reminded of certain aspects, or a remembrance. We can often hear something over and over again but do not listen or hear it until the moment is right. Sometimes, the same thing said in a different way, gets your attention. Aileen says that we can all go ‘off track’ for a multitude of reasons. Everyone does a bit of off-roading in their lives. Getting back on track however can be a whole new ball-game. Aileen has a wonderful sense of humor and a lightness of being that shines through in her talks and workshops.



“Heart of the matter”

Presented by Aileen Penn and Dinka de Winkel

 Heart of the matter is the title of a series of workshops being organized by three women in a new international cooperation. Traveling to ‘the heart of the matter’ is an adventurous journey of discovery on the way to yourself!  

Especially in our every day life we are being challenged to be loyal to whom we truly are. During a workshop, training or spiritual holiday it’s easier to become and stay in contact with our hearts. However in daily life it frequently happens that we loose contact again.

It asks for courage to live honestly and full of confidence from your own truth. To call on your courage during theseworkshops we will work from a place of fun and openness. We think these conditions are necessary to be able to discover the heart of the matter and how to get there. An important guideline during this discovery is the ‘Sparkle of Joy’. Checking with yourself whether something provides you with pleasure and energy is a good way of knowing that you’re still on the right path to the heart, your heart! During this journey you will of course encounter your ‘issues’. We think however that we don’t have to analyse them completely but only have to really look at them. We’re living in a time where we need to learn to let the drama be, to be honest to our surroundings and ourselves. By doing this you will free your path and you can continue the journey to your heart.

Would you like to make time and space for yourself to walk your own labyrinth. 

Dinka de Winkel, Aileen Penn and Marlindy Roelofs are working together for you to make this workshop into a great day!

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