• “I just want to say thank you for an interesting and valuable day! I came away feeling heard and cared about. Since then I feel so different. More positive, energised and empowered. As you say, when I move, the world moves!”
  • “This was my first ever workshop and it was simply the most enlightening few hours of my life so far. I am still amazed at the warmth, openess and calm that filled the room and the insight that Aileen has. Looking forward to the next one!”
  • My feedback about Saturday:
    I loved the way you did it. With information and explanation in combination with humor.
    To start with a mandala was a nice way to know each other better. And it gave me more insight in myself.
    Also the fairy cards were a nice way to see more of myself and the others.
    The video was impressing for me, as you know.
    The thing with the stones was very surprising and very sweet from you.
    The whole day gave me more insight in myself, awareness, energy and also fun!
    Till now, every day I’m thinking back of saturday…. Something changed after that….
    The healing session was impressive. Thnx for this!
  • Agnes
  • Hi Aileen!
    Thank you again for the beautiful day, last saturday. It was very comforting for me, and exactly what I needed. I was surprised by the simple exercises you presented. How simple it is to get back to YOU again. Since I’ve started also with energy and intuition work it was very nice to sort of get to know other possibility’s to get in touch with your own energy. Thanks again! 
    And for what the healing session concerned; spectacular. Wow. Beautiful. 
    Love Susanne 



Aileen, “I wanted to write to say a big thank you for looking after me during the week with you, having someone to pick me up from the airport, feed me, look after me without criticism, judgement or preconception is just a wonder I didn’t know existed. The person at the centre of all of this was you, giving 24/7 with no judgement or expectation from any of us, I would like to say to you a big thank you from my heart, I feel that a great shift has taken place and layers of suitcase baggage etc has been released. I feel differently now about lots of things, some things feel a lot clearer, other things don’t even register like they used to”.



  • “Pippa, Aileen, Linda and Zena you are all special what can I say – an inspirational day – your message worked for me – and it made me feel great I’m in control of my space I love it”
  • “Great day thank you all so much. You four sisters are quite a force”
  • “Thank you and your lovely sisters for a wonderful day, it was a great initiative and you created a lovely energy! I was very pleased to meet you all”
  • “Thank you so very much for a really wonderful day, you are a formidable four, solid as a rock, what a lovely gift and even better that you want to share it.”
  • “We went home feeling lighter and stronger, with plenty to think about. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the day so much, and I met a few people that I hadn’t seen in years amazing.”