I offer a range of workshops, talks and healing sessions such as Journey Back to Self Workshops,  Back on Track talks and Pointillist Healing Sessions.

As well as this I have collaborated with  Dinka de Winkel and Marlindy Roelofs from the Netherlands introducing the  “Heart of the Matter Workshops”.

We never stop learning and growing and I look forward to the coming years full of enthusiasm and an unwavering passion for life.

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“For those who look upon Nature with appreciative eyes and understanding heart, enter into the inner meaning of things. Their thoughts become spiritualised, their consciousness enlarged, their inner life quickened as the unity of all life is absorbed into their being”

“Many remain at the foot of the mount who could ascent to the top…….I repeat and ask that you always have courageous thoughts.  As a result of them, God will give you grace for courageous deeds”

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”

“If I change the world will change”


The Angels of Delight will be our companions for the coming week. I wonder what delights are in store for each and everyone of you in the days ahead. Looks to me like they have a bit of a party going on!! Delight and delightfulness can be seen in smallest of...


  The Angel of Contentment tends her flowers and she is filled with peace at her task in hand. Mindful and centred at the beauty around her and within her. May the Angel bring you contentment this week....


Whenever I see the Angel of Freedom, it makes me smile. There she stands, un-adorned, and I also get the sense of a beautiful smile upon her face and the freedom within her. We can all have freedom of heart, freedom of mind, the freedom of our souls, if we so choose....

Remember: “ Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”.

So, walk gentle on the earth and be gentle with yourself. Smile, Love and Be Loved.