Dragonfly was launched on 13th May 2011. A book of inspirational poetry by
Zoe Alice McFadyen  04/07/1977 – 22/03/1990 and
Duncan Alistair McFadyen 27/03/1975 – 01/02/2003
Their gift to the world.  A legacy of their lives.

Dragonfly is letter pressed on 160gsm Velin Arches Blanc paper.This paper is 100% cotton and made in France. As is traditional, the book is wrapped in the paper used for the book. Dragonfly is tied with 40 year old string using the printers knot and cut with the bone handled knife used by Rob’s late father. The labels are individually cut from the sheets of paper to incorporate the watermark of Arches. The cloth covering of this hand bound, hand stitched book is Midnight Blue, embossed with Silver. Tiny details but a major factor in the creation of Dragonfly

No profit is being made from the sale of this book.

DESIGN: Polly Buckland www.thetypefacegroup.co.uk

I had a completely unrelated meeting with Polly in November 2010; within ten days, amazing syncronicities took place, she had found the printer and book binder…Dragonfly had emerged and the book in my minds eye for many years was becoming a reality.Polly graciously and unconditionally gifted me her time and resources for the project. She spoke my unspoken thoughts with an incredible sense of oneness, her energy and meticulous attention to detail brought to life exactly the vision in my head. As we laughed and cried together she gave all of herself to this project in a totally unconditional loving way.

PRINT: Robin Escott www.theliquoricegroup.co.uk

Robs passion and enthusiasm for the art of letterpress is simply contagious. Coupled with amazing sensitivity and integrity, this young man held my dream with a pure and open heart.

Rob and his team are devoted to the beauty within the craft of print and as such, are nurturing the art of letterpress, the most traditional and ancient of techniques used since the 15th century. Dragonfly is printed in this exquisite, way.

BINDING: Paul Berry www.bookbinders.co.uk

Paul started his binding career in 1973 with the monks at St. Michael’s Abbey bindery in Farnborough. The bindery was founded in the late 1940’s by Father Anscar Neilson. In 1996 after 50 years of service the Abbey sold the bindery to the craftsman who had devoted their entire working life to it.

As I watched Paul, a quite unassuming man working on the restoration of a two hundred year old book I was taken by his total connection to the delicate work being undertaken. It was delightful being shown how my book would be hand stitched and bound, his honest guidance on the very best techniques for this particular book was priceless.Although Father Anscar is no longer with us his picture hangs on the wall, keeping watch over the bindery, making sure we never forget our roots.

My eternal thanks and gratitude go to Polly, Rob and Paul.