Welcome 2015 I wonder what you’ll bring. 2014 was a year of major changes for many, including myself. It was a year of new projects and more unexpected travel than I could ever have imagined. It felt like a year of new-ness. So many new connections made, wonderful new friends, new countries visited and many new seeds sown.

In 2014 I dedicated 13 of my workshops to the Casa K’in Mayan Healing Centre in Merida, Mexico, to bring awareness to and raise funds for the project and connect others to the sacred Mayan teachings.  I will continue these during 2015 and these workshops will go under the banner of “Aileen goes Walkabouts”

Along with the Journey Back to Self Workshops plans are underway for joint ventures and possible retreats.

We never stop learning and growing and I look forward to the coming years full of enthusiasm and an unwavering passion for life.






 Some of my favourite quotes:

“For those who look upon Nature with appreciative eyes and understanding heart, enter into the inner meaning of things. Their thoughts become spiritualised, their consciousness enlarged, their inner life quickened as the unity of all life is absorbed into their being”

“Many remain at the foot of the mount who could ascent to the top…….I repeat and ask that you always have courageous thoughts.  As a result of them, God will give you grace for courageous deeds”

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”

 “If I change the world will change”




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Remember: “ Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”.

So, walk gentle on the earth and be gentle with yourself. Smile, Love and Be Loved.