aileengoeswalkaboutI am currently organising a tour of 13 of my one day workshops around the globe as a way to connect others to the sacred Mayan teaching and bring awareness too and raise funds for the planned Casa K’in Mayan Healing Centre in Merida, Mexico (Casa K’in is a registered charity) .

These international workshops will go under the banner of “ Aileen goes Walkabouts”

This awe inspiring journey of self- awareness has been full of synchronicities and “co-incidences”.

We never stop learning and growing and I look forward to the coming years full of enthusiasm and an unwavering passion for life.

Condor is a word that kept popping into my head along this journey and triggered the memory of the legend of The Eagle and The Condor.

The legend/prophecy of the Eagle and Condor goes way back. It was said that a period of 500 years from the 490’s would bring separation, struggle and turmoil to the America and all indigenous people.

The path of the Eagle represents: the masculine, logic, material, rational, industrial, the mind.

The path of the Condor represents: the feminine, spiritual, the heart, intuition, mystical.

It is said that this is the time for The Eagle and The Condor to fly together in the same skies, to bring harmony and balance. Thus creating a new consciousness for humanity.


In February of this year (2014) I visited Mexico and Guatemala for the first time, the sacred land of the Maya. Through visiting and doing ceremony in the incredible sacred sites of Tikal and Palenque on the Wisdom of the Stars Journey, I formed a strong connection to these lands, sites and the sacred Mayan teachings.

To read more about my journey click here.

Unchartered Waters

It’s been 5 months since my last blog and so much had happened in that time. At that time I was about to embark on a trip to Mexico and Guatemala for a journey called “The Wisdom of the Stars”. This journey had a deep and profound effect on me, I could feel and sense...

Remember: “ Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”.

So, walk gentle on the earth and be gentle with yourself. When you are gentle with yourself, you become more gentle with others. This allows for us to Smile, Love and Be Loved.